Formulation is KEY For A New Product!

Formulation is KEY! | Your formula can make or break your product. You may have walked down the aisles of Target or Sally’s, and checked out the back of a…


Want To Launch A Cosmetic Line?

Vann Cosmetics is now handling Product Development AND Product Consulting!!!! Want to start a hair care, body care, or soap line? Vann Cosmetics wants to help! We can also help with:…


Prepare for your future early! | 10 Things To Do in Your Teens

I’ve been cleaning up and ran across some crazy throwback photos… I remember turning 13, thinking I had it all figured out… I especially remember turning 16 in Houston, Texas….


Top 5 Accounts: Follow What’s Going on in #Ferguson

We have learned that twitter is not just for posting jokes and pictures from fun nights, it can also be used to unite a young generation desiring change. Last week,…


Product Review! | Aphogee Curlific Curl Definer

Aphogee recently launched a curl line, catered to the natural haired consumer. I’ve tried some of their products in the past, such as the 2-step protein treatment. I’ve been satisfied…


What Should You Use To Get The Tangles Out?

Uahhh…The face I make when it’s time to detangle! Your hair is forever growing. Getting longer, stronger, healthier… But, let’s be honest for a second. We all know the detangling…


Butylene Glycol is found in MANY cosmetics! Should you be concerned?

1,3-Butylene Glycol is an organic molecule with two alcohol groups, which functions as a humectant. That means it draws moisture to the skin. Butylene Glycol is found in so many…


Will I Still Get The Job Wearing Natural Hair?

I’ve never been asked this question directly. However, in many ways I recognize the mental struggle African American women face when they head to an interview, work, or classroom. I’ve…


Learned Mistakes with Hair Color! | What I’d do differently the second time around

I have this desire to switch my hair style up. No, I’m not getting a perm, but I do want to color my hair…again! In 2007, the year I did…


Curl Chat | Interview with Johanna Da Ru from VH1′s Model Employee!

Click Here: Curl Chat | Interview with Johanna Da Ru from VH1′s Model Employee!